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Tai Chi classes for Atlantic, Neptune, Jacksonville Beach, Ponte Vedra FL

T'ai Chi Program at Cobalt Moon

Our Program teaches the Yang-style short form as developed by Cheng Man-Ch'ing. We offer a comprehensive series of classes for beginning and advanced students.

Beginning Form: The complete Yang-style short form as modified by Cheng Man-Ching, introducing the basic movements and principles of T'ai Chi Chuan. 30 hours, divided into three 10 class sections (B1, B2, B3).

Continuing Form: A review of the form with emphasis on embodying fundamental principles and building a strong foundation. 30 hours, divided into three 10 class sections (C1, C2, C3).

Advanced Form: A deeper internalization of the form, with a re-learning of the form with a new perspective. (AF).

Push Hands: Working with a partner in the push hands exercise. Emphasizes the principles of softness, relaxation and alignment. (PH).

Sword and Sword Fencing: Instruction on principles and elements of T'ai Chi Sword. (SW)



To maximize your benefit from T'ai Chi study, it is necessary to practice. We suggest you establish a daily practice such as 10 minutes of practice upon rising in the morning and again at night before you retire. When practicing T'ai Chi, do the movements from the beginning through as far as you've learned. Each set is called a "round." If you find that you have forgotten some of the moves, don't let that stop you from practicing. Practice the part that you do remember and bring your questions to class. Sometimes you may want to focus your practice on points made in class by stopping to check yourself or by going through the movements with a specific awareness (eg: straightness). Each practice session should include some time for going through the moves in a smooth, continuous way.

We recommend appropriate footwear and clothing for best results. It is important that your feet feel flat on the floor. Flat-soled shoes or slippers or thick socks will work best. T’ai Chi shoes are available for sale in our store and are good for T'ai Chi because they are flat (with no heel) and have cotton-bottomed soles. It is recommended that your footwear be made of natural materials such as cotton, wool or leather, not rubber, vinyl or crepe. Any clothing which does not restrict your movement is acceptable for T'ai Chi practice. If at all possible, practice on a flat smooth floor – wood, vinyl or polished stone. If you must practice on carpet then try to work on a low pile carpet to minimize resistance to movement.  Whenever friction is a factor (carpet, concrete, etc) be mindful to avoid twisting or torquing your knees.

Payment Policy

New students are asked to complete and sign an Enrollment Agreement which states, among other things, that you agree not to teach or record the material that you are taught. Full payment is expected at the beginning of each offered course. Most courses are taught in 10 weeks sections. Tuition is $140 for each 10 weeks.  A discounted price ($125) is offered for early registration. Repeat price is $75. Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card.

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